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fog, sun and wind much cooler with below normal temps. inland highs continue to chop away at some of those highs. also not only sunny, breezy, a few very, very low 80s and 60s and 70s and watch out for local drizzle. here's sal. steve, good morning. we're looking at drizzle that you just mentioned. it's going to be making it tough to drive all over the bay area. this is a look at interstate 880. the traffic looks pretty good here driving up past the coliseum. also this morning on interstate 80 westbound it is going to be a windshield wiper weather which is strange but make it for some tough driving. on the golden gate bridge the same thing. in fact parts of marin and san francisco and san mateo county dangerous driving. not sure if this is what led to a problem on the road. troubles on the road this morning. a cig alert issued in san francisco. ktvu's kraig debro just arrived at the scene. kraig, what's going on there? >> reporter: thanks, sal. we're not sure either.
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police aren't telling us much. this is at the 19th avenue exit you see an officer in the middle of the screen waving his flashlight directing people. they take 280 northbound continue onto san francisco. police are calling this a crime scene and typically when something like that happens on a highway that mean that is somebody may have died. whenever there's a person who dies it's usually investigated as a homicide even though it may not turn out to be that. but the officer up here did not tell us anything. in fact we're being kept well back of where we typically would be able to stand during these kinds of stories. there's a number of chp officers on the scene. at least one fire engine that i can tell. there appears to be -- there's a car to the left. i can't tell if that's a car pulled up afterwards or it's one of the cars involved. in fact you can barely see if at all any of the cars or car that was involved in this accident. clearly we're going to be investigating this further and have more for you at 5:00. live in daly city, kraig debro,
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ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning. a baby is being treated for smoke inhalation after its mother fell asleep while cooking. now it happened around 2:30 this morning at the hill top commons apartments on crestwood drive. firefighters say that the fire set off the sprinkler system in the entire building but still did not wake up the mother. when they arrived on the scene they rescued both her and the baby from the burning apartment. in san mateo an suv with a mother and daughter inside crashed into a fire station. that happened at about 11:00 last night at fire station 27 on dianza boulevard. the suv came to a stop after completely pushing in the garage door of the station. san mateo police say she now faces possible dui charges. the teenage daughter is not
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injured. just a few hours ago we learned that the brother of afghanistan's president is dead t. is video of of him from a couple years ago. karzai was assassinated. he was the brother and head of the and hear provincial council. a witness says a member of karzai's private security team killed him and then other bodyguards quickly gunned down the assassin. this morning bart's police review committee will meet to discuss a fatal shooting of a man by bart police. bart introduced its first ever independent police auditor yesterday. mark smith calls the death of charles hill unfortunate. now he promises a thundershower row and independent investigation of the shooting. the situation was created in response about the way bart investigated the deadly 2009 shooting of oscar grant. bart service will be back
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to normal today, but that's following a rowdy protest that caused major disruptions during yesterday's afternoon commute. take a look. chanting protesters climbing on board one of the trains. they took over the civic center station platform and blocked doors so trains couldn't move for at least 15 minutes. demonstrators then moved to the powell and mission station. bart had to shut down or reduce service at three underground stations and that created a backlog of passengers who were just trying to get home. >> i can't get home. i'm pretty disgusted about it. i feel they have a right to protest but not to stop us from doing what we have to do. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting? >> about 20 minutes. >> i felt it necessary to speak out against deadly force being used as a first option and not a last resort. >> reporter: now the protesters want the bart police force disbanded. this comes after bart police
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shot and killed a man who officers say was threatening them with a knife and broken alcohol bottle at the civic center station last week. now we have more video of yesterday's protest as well as information on the bart shooting on our website. just look for the bart shooting tab on well, good news, a 13-year- old autistic boy will be reunited with his family this morning after being found more than 300 miles from home. he was reported missing from his san jose home at 6:30 yesterday morning. friends and family quickly made flyers and began searching the neighborhood. we were there when police called with the news that he had been found. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> police say surveillance video from a nearby greyhound bus station showed him buying a ticket to hollywood.
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he was picked up by los angeles police. when he got off the bus at the sniffier than doe valley station. his family says he mentioned going to hollywood to meet his favorite television stars. they're surprised he actually did it. well, the family of missing nursing student michelle le has increased the reward for information leading to her whereabouts. it's now at $100,000. le was last seen 46 days ago at the hayward medical center. hayward police are investigating the case as a homicide but le's body has never been found. the le family is organizing two search parties this friday and saturday. the search also continues for seven bay area fishermen missing for almost a week. coming up in about nine minutes the extra help said to be ready to help search off the coast of mexico. jaycee dugard's memoir a stolen life is on sale today. not everyone wants to hear her
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story. their daughter disappeared 22 years ago while walking home from school in dublin. they say dugard's story gives them hope that their own daughter is still alive, but they aren't ready to read the details of what dugard had to endure. >> just seemed to me too hard, too painful. every day without her is a struggle. >> in her book dugard describes the 18 years spent in the backyard of phillip garrido's antioch home. she says that she didn't want to keep anything a secret even detailing how he raped her and delivered her two children. well, we are learning more information about the second shooting on the delta trail in pittsburg. east bay regional park police say a 14-year-old boy was shot in the stomach early yesterday morning. now they say he was walking with friends, drinking alcohol and firing a stolen gun at the time. he is expected to survive.
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and police say this shooting is not related to last week's fatal shooting of 20-year-old marcus jackson less than a half a mile away. alcohol poisoning is the likely cause of death for the 14-year-old sonoma county girl who died during a weekend sleepover. she hosted three friends at her home near santa rosa saturday night. she drank some vodka and did not wake up in the morning. friends of the 14-year-old say this is the last thing they'd expect from her. public health officials are calling on parents to talk with their kids about underage drinking. >> the more parents talk to their teens about what their attitudes on alcohol are and what they expect their teens behaviors that the less likely teens are to use alcohol or to experiment. >> sonoma county sheriff's department is investigating her death. california state university trust ties are expected to vote today on a proposed 12% tuition
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hike. if approved the hike would cost a full time undergraduate an additional $294 per semester. now that means the yearly tuition would be more than $5400. it's not clear if that increase would go into effect in the fall or next spring. and then on thursday university of california regents are scheduled to vote on a proposed hike for the uc system. if the 9.6 tuition hike is approved fees would climb to $12,00200 a year. that hike would take effect this fall. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today as they struggle to reach agreement on raising the u.s. debt limit. this will be the third day in a row that the group has met at the white house. a 90 minute session yesterday produced no significant progress. republicans and democrats remain far apart on what needs to be done to reduce the deficit. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder.
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so we might as well do it now. pull off the band aid. eat our peas. >> i would agree with the president that the national debt limit must be raised. and i'm glad he made the case for it today. but the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> president obama says the group will meet every day until they can reach an agreement. they face a deadline of august 2nd. all right. it's 4:40. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. good morning. traffic is going to be busy around the bay area but there is one major trouble spot and that would be in daly city northbound 280 coming up to the 19th avenue exit. people are being diverted from taking that exit ramp. and 280 northbound is basically not accessible to 19th avenue if you're trying to get out to san francisco state or that part of san francisco, any part
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of 19th avenue, you're going to either have to exit at west lake and go around or just go down to geneva and make a left onto ocean and do that. you can't get off at 19th avenue because of a very serious injury accident. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic is busy as you come up to the toll plaza area. and this morning's commute in san jose along northbound 280 looks very nice in downtown san jose. it looks like it's a little bit drier there than it is around the bay area. 4:41. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have extensive fog bank. very unseasonably strong system moves into the north. little piece of that gives more than low clouds to mendocino county, lake county today. end result is another cool breezy day after the low clouds. 50s. 53, 54, 55, 56. yet san rafael says we're 52. city's 53. oakland's 53. not much of a difference thinking of san jose starting
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off 56. cloudy to mostly cloudy 66 by noon. only 72 and breezy it will be more of a west or northwest wind. right now it says calm at san jose. everyone else has a decent sea breeze already showing itself and kicking up its heels. west-southwest 20 and vacaville southwest at 9. the delta breeze firmly in place. the system spinning right there another piece of energy coming around the backside could give clouds to the north. i think really the end result is fog, drizzle, a lot of drizzle. breezy, blustery, windy depending on your location but much cooler inland. temperatures coming down. 50s 60s and 70s. and temperatures will stay this way probably through the bulk of the week. temperatures staying below normal for a while. pam. thank you, steve. 4:42 is the time right now. fire at a world famous attraction. what was damaged in the suspected arson at the san diego zoo. and it's being called the
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biggest case of landlord neglect in oakland history. because of it dozens of people are now living rent free. good morning. if you're driving on 280 you will not be able to use the 19th avenue exit because of a very serious accident. i'll tell you what's happening and when they're likely to open upcoming up.
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good morning.
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lots of low clouds, drizzle, measurable amounts of drizzle in fact. couple one-hundredths coast and bay. inland after the fog burns off low clouds, sunny and breezy. only 70s for many inland areas. a fire at the san diego zoo is being called arson. yesterday's early morning fire destroyed a gift shop near the panda exhibit. about two dozen firefighters brought the fire under control. the damage is estimated at $700,000. no animals or people were hurt. the families of seven bay area fishermen missing in mexico tell us they are hearing that a u.s. dive team is on standby. the coast guard spent the day looking near the so noria islands. it's been nine days since the boat sank during a sudden storm. one bay area man is confirmed dead. about three dozen people survived many by swimming for 16 hours to remote islands. well, today is the first of two funeral services for former first lady betty ford.
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michelle obama, several former first ladies and former presidents are expected at this afternoon's private ceremony in palm desert. mrs. ford's body will be flown to michigan tomorrow for another service on thursday. she will then be buried next to her husband, former president gerald ford, at the presidential museum. betty ford died last week at the age of 93. the texas rangers fan who fell to his death last week during a game has been laid to rest. 39-year-old firefighter shannon stone was with his 6-year-old son last thursday when he leaned over the railing and fell while trying to catch a ball that a player had thrown into the stands. it's estimated that 1,000 people gathered in brownwood, texas, to remember him. >> this family resembles so much of who we are. phenomenal family man and mentor and friend and firefighter. part of this community that it was never about himself. it was always about the people he loved and cared for.
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>> dozens of emergency personnel from all over the state of texas attended yesterday's funeral. a judge in sacramento refuse today dismiss a lawsuit against former governor schwarzenegger for his commutation of the prison term handed down to the son of former assembly speaker. he attended the hearing yesterday. back in 2008 his son was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his role in the stabbing deaths of louis sans to of concord. he reduced his sentence to 7 years before leaving office. the family is suing schwarzenegger saying it violates their right to be involved in a hearing to reduce the sentence. pg&e made a request in new court filing that also says pg&e says should not have to pay the dozens of people suing.
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pg&e says the explosion was caused by a third party that weakened the pipeline. the filing also suggests that sewer workers and the victims themselves are responsible for any losses. people in oakland are now getting some legal assistance in what is being called the biggest case of landlord neglect in the city's history. this is a story we have been following for months. people living with broken bathroom fixtures, mold, even roaches in buildings all owned by long when gardener. they say she is neglecting her landlord duties. gardener says they aren't paying rent. [ indiscernible ] >> but i try my best. i'm a human being. >> now oakland city attorneys have stepped in. gardener has been order today pay an $80,000 fine and the building she owned will be put up for sale. she will never be able to own a
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multiunit apartment building in the city. and as for residents no one will have to pay rent until all the repairs have been made. a southern california county supervisor is reviving an old idea splitting california into two states. but with a new twist. riverside supervisor jeff stone, a republican, wants 13 conservative southern california counties to join together to form south california. the new state would not include the more liberal los angeles county. the riverside county board of supervisors will vote on the proposal today. 4:50 is the time right now. we are about 12 hours away from major league baseball's all star game and tickets are still available. why some think attendance is lower this year. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 4:52. we're taking a look up in space because nasa is inviting the public to share what it calls an all american meal with the crew of the shuttle atlantis on thursday. the space agency says the menu in space will include barbecued chicken, southwestern corn, baked beans, broadway and crackers. for dessert the astronauts will enjoy apple pie of course. nasa is posting the recipe or it calls the formulations for the meal on its website so people on earth can have some of the same foods. 4:53 is the time. sal, i'll be interested to see the recipe because i know they don't have a barbecue up there. >> yeah. we'll see what happens. it's very interesting. they can do all kinds of things in space. >> yes, they can. >> i want to mention developing news we've had in daly city along northbound 280. still have 19th avenue exit ramp closed. and you can see that cars are basically just being asked to
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stay on 280 northbound. the next exit after this one would be the ocean geneva exit but 19th avenue not available. it's that left exit on the way up to 19th avenue and san francisco state. one of the things you can do is get off at west lake and then go down john daily make a right onto lake more said boulevard and get to that area that way or stay on 280 northbound exit the ocean geneva exit and take ocean avenue to that part of town. but obviously that's kind of a big chore this morning. they said they would be open by about 5:00. so we'll see if they keep their schedule. looks like they may be adding more flares to this area. so they may not be quite done. let's go out and take a look at the golden gate bridge traffic. that looks pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. and if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it's a nice drive to the high-rise to highway 101 and interstate 280. 4:54. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very good morning. well, you know last week it was
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hot. i mean it was hot. this week it's nice and cool. i got to be honest, the e-mails are much nicer. when it's not as hot. if you enjoy cool weather you'll love this week. maybe sign of warmer weather next week but not for a while here. fog, drizzle, cool and breezy. lots of drizzle. very cool this week. breezy to windy once the low clouds burn off and they should over the next couple days. not much left to support it but it's still there. warmer as we head into the weekend. not a lot. we're here for about five or seven days in this pattern. clouds stacking up moving locally inland. 52 san rafael. that's really cool. been some very chilly readings the last couple mornings in marin county. no doubt about it. upper 40s, mid-40s. 55 concord. start san jose off cloudy, 56, 66 at noon, 72 for a high but sunny and breezy. that is way below average as you can probably imagine for mid-july. everything's in place with a rip snorting sea breeze that's for sure.
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west-southwest 20. fairfield even out to stockton and vacaville if they're getting a west wind it's there all because of that system right there. that low is digging in. as it does it's going to sit there and just carve itself out and keep sending in pieces of energy like a spokes of the wheel and not going anywhere any time soon. the cooling inland continues. it's already cooled off for about everybody else. but even lake county and out to the sacramento valley we'll see temperatures sliding down a couple of degrees today. should bottom out tomorrow or thursday. fog, sun, wind for july it's very cool. lots of drizzle too. afternoon highs 70s now. upper 70s for some. morgan hill, antioch, mid-70s. santa rosa, napa, 60s for some or very low 70s. it's just a really cool pattern. and i don't see much change in this until maybe late in the week or early in the weekend when high pressure will build in but nothing is outrageous. just a gradual warm up. all right. thank you, steve. tonight is major league baseball's all star game. but it seems more people would rather watch it at home.
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brokers say ticket sales have been slow despite lower than usual prices. tickets are available for as little as $80. the average ticket still going for $300, but believe it or not that's less than half what tickets cost last year in anaheim. >> i don't think you'll ever see another all star game in phoenix to be honest with you. >> why? >> it's too hot. when you can walk into a fan fest and there's no waiting in line, usually that tells you there's a problem. >> we checked a few minutes ago and there are about 2,000 tickets still available. the bay area of course well represented at this year's game. if you want to go. if you decide not to rush down to phoenix tonight, you can catch all the action right here on ktvu channel 2. game time 5:00 this evening. we continue to follow developing news in daly city. the interstate shut down after a fatal traffic collision. and a recent fatal shooting at a bart station gets some extra scrutiny today. the new move taken the investigation out of the hands
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of bart's police.
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>> reporter: the overnight accident that caused the closure of a very popular and busy offramp in daly city. plus a woman is hurt after her car smashes righ

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